How about a mixed box? I’ll put five to seven Carmen avocados together with two Sir-Prize avocados for you. (Order page is here.)


Carmen is a variety that kind of originated in Mexico. I say “kind of” because Carmen is really just Hass with a slightly different growth habit and flowers that misbehave. Moreover, this flowering misbehavior only occurs on Carmen trees in locations within roughly 10 miles of the beach (in California). There it has more than one period of bloom per year, but inland it has only one spring bloom just like Hass (except usually a little earlier than Hass).

The Carmen avocados that I will be picking and selling will taste and look indistinguishable from Hass avocados. In fact, you’ll just have to trust that I’m picking from Carmen trees and not Hass trees.

Carmen avocados on tree at Laferriere grove.

That said, have you had Hass avocados from a tree in your own yard or a neighbors’ yard? If not, then you don’t know how good Hass (and the Carmen mutation) can be. Do not judge Hass (or Carmen) by the fruit available in grocery stores.

You’ll want to buy these Carmens if: you like Hass; you want to see how good Hass can taste; you want to see if Carmen is different from Hass.

The Carmen avocados I’ll be picking come from the Laferriere grove in Redlands, San Bernardino County.

Carmen avocado trees at Laferriere grove.


Mixed with the Carmens will be a couple of Sir-Prize avocados from the Spaugh grove near Poway in San Diego County. Sir-Prize is a variety that came out of the University of California breeding program, having been patented in 1996.

Sir-Prize avocados average a little bigger than Carmen and Hass, and they usually have a distinctive ridge near the stem. Their skin is thin and it turns black as it ripens.

Sir-Prize avocado on tree in Spaugh grove.

Like with Fuerte, I prefer to eat Sir-Prize avocados at the firm-ripe stage. Unlike with Fuerte, the seed inside a Sir-Prize avocado is small.

The taste of Sir-Prize is very good, and the cut Sir-Prize flesh doesn’t brown as rapidly as some avocados, such as Hass. Here’s my video profile of Sir-Prize:

Because I have access to more Carmen avocados than Sir-Prize, the boxes will be filled with five to seven Carmens and two Sir-Prize avocados. Here’s the order page.

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