(These are sold out, but Eli’s Farm Stand in Fallbrook has GEM avocados for sale right now.)

I’m calling this the “Family Box” because Hass, Gwen, and GEM avocados are all related. And because all three have similar harvest seasons, I can pick them all now in order to make a mixed box of amazing-tasting avocados.

Here is the order page with details.

With this Family Box, you will be able to do a side-by-side taste comparison of these three varieties, all harvested and handled carefully so they taste just like they would off a tree in your own yard. Each of these varieties makes for an excellent avocado tree to grow in your yard.


Hass was first, the ancient one, having grown from a seed planted in 1926 in La Habra Heights in Los Angeles County, California. (My full profile of Hass.)

Then came Gwen in 1963, but only after skipping a generation, as Gwen grew from a seed of an avocado variety called Thille — and Thille came from a Hass seed. The seed that grew the mother Gwen tree was planted in Irvine in Orange County, California. (My video profile of Gwen — full profile of Gwen coming soon.)

Finally, the youngster GEM. A seed from a Gwen avocado was planted in 1986 in Camarillo in Ventura County, California to grow the original GEM tree. (My full profile of GEM.)

So they’re all in a kinship line: Hass, 1926 . . . (Thille) . . . Gwen, 1963 . . . GEM, 1986.


I’ll be picking each variety from trees in different Southern California groves. The Hass will come from the Spaugh Grove in San Diego County; the Gwen from the Laferriere Grove in San Bernardino County; and the GEM from Balmar Farm in Fallbrook, San Diego County.

Spaugh Grove, San Diego County.
Gwen avocado tree
Gwen avocado tree, Laferriere Grove, San Bernardino County.
GEM avocado trees
GEM avocado trees, Balmar Farm, San Diego County.

I’ll put approximately two Hass, four Gwen, and four GEM avocados in each box, making a total of about ten avocados in the Family Box. I’ll label the avocados so that you know which is which.

Here’s the order page for a Family Box of premium Southern California heritage avocados.

Just so you know, this will be my last harvest for a while. I may harvest something in June, but more likely I won’t do another harvest until Reeds are ready in July.

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