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Coming to you from the Laferriere grove in Redlands, San Bernardino County, are avocados of the refined Pinkerton variety.

Pinkerton originated about 1961 as a seedling among trees of the Hass, Rincon, Edranol, and Corona varieties on the property of John Pinkerton in Ventura, according to the 1975-1976 California Avocado Society Yearbook. And in 1978, no less an authority on avocado varieties than Oliver Atkins wrote that Pinkerton “appears to be the best variety we have come up with for California since the Hass.”

Pinkertons are larger than Hass, but more than that they have a very small seed, meaning you get more avocado to eat.

Another peculiarity of Pinkerton is that it takes two to three weeks for the avocado to ripen from the time it is harvested. Patience is required of the Pinkerton avocado eater. I’ll include in the box of Pinkertons some tips to ensure that you cut yours open at the right time.

Here is the 25-foot tall tree on which these Pinkertons grew:

This is the tree.

And here is my video profile of the Pinkerton avocado:

I’ll pack as many Pinkerton avocados as I can safely into each box, but these avocados are big so six is probably all that will fit. Details on ordering your Pinkertons are here.

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