Carmen and Sir-Prize avocados


Carmen and Sir-Prize avocados harvested by me and shipped to you. They were grown in the Laferriere grove in Redlands, San Bernardino County, and the Spaugh grove near Poway in San Diego County. I’ll pack at least five Carmens and two Sir-Prize avocados into each box. Every avocado in the box should ripen perfectly or I’ll send you another one.

Harvest is on Monday, April 11. Shipping is on Tuesday, April 12, arriving to you a day or two after that.

Shipping included in price for any California location. Extra $5 for shipping outside California (within U.S.).

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Carmen avocados are basically the same as Hass; the Carmen tree just has a slightly different growing and flowering habit compared to Hass. Carmen originated as a natural mutation found on a Hass tree in Mexico.

Sir-Prize avocados average a little bigger than Hass, and they usually have a distinctive ridge near the stem. Their skin is thin, and the seed inside is small. One of the surprises about Sir-Prize is that the cut flesh does not brown as quickly as most other avocado varieties.

Both Carmen and Sir-Prize avocados reach the apex of their eating quality around April in Southern California.


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