Hass and Gwen and GEM avocados


A “Family Box” with three related avocado varieties: Hass, Gwen, and GEM. I’ll include two to four avocados of each variety for a total of nine or ten in the box. Harvested from the Laferriere Grove in San Bernardino County, Balmar Farm in San Diego County, and the Spaugh Grove in San Diego County.

Every avocado in the box should ripen perfectly or else I’ll send you a free box.

Shipping is on Monday, May 16. Shipping is included in the price for all California locations. Outside of CA (but within U.S.) is $5 extra.

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This is a special chance to taste side by side the superior California avocado varieties of Hass, Gwen, and GEM.

Gwen is a “grandchild” of Hass whose skin remains green when ripe while GEM is a “great-grandchild” of Hass. Both of these varieties are rated by most avocado lovers to be at least as delicious as the world’s most popular avocado, Hass.


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