The Yard Posts Gardening Calendar 2020


A calendar for Southern California gardeners that describes which vegetables to plant, how to care for fruit trees, and guidance on watering for each month.

Wire-coil bound. Hole-punched for hanging on a wall. Size 11 x 8.5 inches closed, 22 x 17 inches open.

Printed in USA.

Free shipping.

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This is the kind of calendar that I’ve been making for myself for years. I’m so happy to now have made some for you.

Each month describes what to plant in your vegetable garden, how to care for your fruit trees, and some guidance on watering.  All of the information is based on my personal experience growing in Southern California gardens near the beach and inland.

A few of the situations in which this calendar helps me garden:

  • Which vegetables should I buy from the nursery today? I no longer need to explore my memory or consult my notes, a book, or the Internet. The calendar tells me.
  • I want a blueberry bush. When should I plant one? Calendar says January is best.
  • It’s March. Oh yeah, better get on it! Calendar says this is the best month for grafting avocados.
  • How often might my orange tree need water? If it’s now November, and the calendar says that the average evapotranspiration rate is half as much as in September, then I should be able to water it about half as often as I did then.

The photos? They were all taken in my yard here in San Diego County in that particular month. Starting in January we’ve got a photo of savoy cabbage, then onto peas, then oranges, then carrots, and then berries, grapes, avocados, watermelon, greens, and pomegranates.

From mine to yours, let’s grow some clean and tasty food in 2020!


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