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Here I offer a final, small batch of Reeds that I’ll be harvesting from the Haddon Ranch in Escondido. It’s now late in the Reed season so you’ll experience the height of Reed’s richness.

Here is the order page. (Available now to Supporters until going on general sale at 6 PM, Friday.)

Reed variety

Reed has long been the favorite summer (into fall) avocado of many folks in Southern California. Reed originated in Carlsbad, San Diego County around 1948. The fruit is large and shaped like a grapefruit, and it has the smoothest, most fiberless texture of any avocado I’ve ever eaten.

Below is my Reed serving suggestion, a natural bowl of salsa and guacamole:

Reed avocado personal bowl of guacamole

Learn more about the Reed variety in my profile here.


Here is the pair of Reeds on the Haddon Ranch:

(Here is a video of the trees.)

They had oodles of avocados weighing down their branches this year:

Some of these remain for me to harvest for you.


In each box, I will fit six Reeds.

I’ll include an insert that gives tips on how to tell when your Reeds are ripe. You can also see my video of the Reed avocado for a demonstration of using the reliable toothpick test:

I see my role here as giving you the chance to see what Reeds would taste like off a tree in your own yard, at the prime of their season, to help you decide if you want to plant one.

Again, here is the order page.

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