Books about Lesotho

The Mountain School: Three Years Learning as a Peace Corps Teacher in Lesotho, Africa, by Greg Alder

I’ll use the Basotho poet Rethabile Masilo’s description: “Greg’s book is true: it happened, and it depicts Lesotho as it is. I like the conversational and non-rambling style the book is written in. I haven’t been able to put it down, and I am from Lesotho! There is language, terrain, people and personal experience touched upon. A book I’d recommend for anybody.”


Imperial Gullies: Soil Erosion and Conservation in Lesotho, by Kate B. Showers

Anyone who has been to Lesotho knows the omnipresence of dongas — erosion gullies. Kate Showers gives a dedicated and detailed history of the scars on Lesotho’s landscape.



A Short History of Lesotho, by Stephen Gill

The best history book about the country. Gill has lived in Lesotho for decades and directs the country’s only museum in the historically significant town of Morija.

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