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  1. Greg,
    I have almost finished reading your book. I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 1975-1978. I was a high school math teacher at Hlotse High School. Reading your book brought back a flood of memories for me. I just finished reading your bathing routine. Even though it has been over 35 years when I read your book it was like it yesterday. I fell in love with a Mosotho women who was an English and Sesotho teacher at Hlotso. She came back with me when I left Lesotho. We got married four months after arriving back here. We try to get back to Lesotho to visit family and friends about every 4-5 years. We are always amazed how things have changed but how many things have remained the same. I found out about your book on Friends of Lesotho Facebook. Khosto, Tim Spanier

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