How to pronounce Lesotho

I remember getting the news from Peace Corps that they were sending me to a country called Lesotho and having two thoughts: Where’s Lesotho? And secondly, how do you pronounce Lesotho?

I wouldn’t find out until I arrived in the country. No one I knew in the U.S. could tell me. Surprisingly, even today in 2017, Google doesn’t know. (And I thought Google knew everything.)

I was dictating some thoughts into my phone using Google’s Keep application, but when I said Lesotho it wrote, “Miss you too.” So I said Lesotho again and Google wrote, “the suit the suit.” What? I said Lesotho one more time, slowly, and Google wrote, “to listen to.”

I know how to pronounce Lesotho. This couldn’t have been my fault.

I’m reminded that physical travel — actually moving your body to a new place — is still a unique form of education.

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