Would you rather garden in the tropics?

A couple weeks ago I grew tired of protecting baby mango trees from frost and of watching more leaves on my banana plants brown due to cold nights. This has been a persistently chilly and rainy winter for us in Southern California. At my house, only once did we go a...

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The Lamb/Hass avocado tree: a profile

In 2013, I planted a Lamb/Hass avocado tree because its fruit was said to be ready for harvest in summer. I didn’t know much else about the variety, and I’d never tasted its fruit (knowingly). During the past five or six years I’ve learned a lot more about Lamb --...

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Before killing it, name that weed

I was walking with a friend through his fruit tree orchard a couple weeks ago when he knelt down to pull up a weed. “Oh, I love that plant,” I said. “These things are everywhere. What is it?” “It’s called deerweed. It’s a native plant. It has little yellow and orange...

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Should you buy a big or small avocado tree?

When it comes to buying an avocado tree, is bigger better? In one major aspect, yes, because a bigger avocado tree is capable of giving you more fruit sooner. On the flipside, bigger avocado trees come with three disadvantages, which is why I have purchased and...

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Growing peas in Southern California

My children have taught me that it is more fun to graze a garden than to harvest its produce, bring it into the house, wash it, prepare it, or cook it, or refrigerate it for later. Apologies to my wife. I used to grow snap peas for her because she likes to make stir...

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I'm Greg. My goal is to help others grow some food at home, with a focus on vegetables and fruits -- especially avocados -- in Southern California. I write a new "Yard Post" every Friday.

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