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Fruit Trees, general:

Don’t prune apricots, cherries, and grapes in winter in Southern California?

Why prune fruit trees in winter in Southern California?

Cherry trees in Southern California

Growing multi-graft fruit trees

The Perfect Fruit by Chip Brantley: a book review

Pruning a door into your fruit tree

Tools for pruning fruit trees

Captain Bucklew’s California mango trees

Eating pineapple guava flowers

Watering fruit trees with drip irrigation

Harvesting fruits and vegetables skillfully

What to do with fruit tree prunings?

Fruit trees can bloom after stress

Painting the trunks of fruit trees

Fruit trees for a year-round harvest in Southern California

Grafting a pollenizer branch into your fruit tree

Using wood chips as mulch for fruit trees

Setting up micro-sprinklers under fruit trees

Protecting fruit from birds

How much to water a fruit tree in Southern California, roughly

Keep mulch away from tree trunks?

Growing fruit trees in Southern California

Where should you buy a fruit tree?

Don’t judge a tree by its first fruit

Your fruit tree is grafted — why? and so what?

Fruit trees hiding at the San Diego Zoo

What kind of fruit tree should you plant?

Eating seasons of my fruit trees

Where to plant a fruit tree

Avocado Trees:

Drip irrigation on newly planted avocado trees

Avocado Day slideshow

The Hass Family of avocados

Nimlioh avocado: a profile

Thille avocado: a profile

Avocado grower, don’t be greedy: remove fruit

Growing avocado trees in containers

Macarthur avocado: a profile

Girdling avocado trees for consistent fruiting

Beware of rootstock suckers on avocado trees

Advantage of multiple avocado pollenizers

Wisest way to harvest GEM avocados

Importance of sun and water for avocado trees

California avocado superbloom 2023 update

California avocado superbloom 2023

Jan Boyce avocado tree: a profile

Old California avocado grove tour

How late can Lamb avocados hang?

Which avocado fruitlets should you remove?

Day avocado: a profile

Growing avocados in California’s Central Valley

What happened to the Gwen avocado?

Reed and Lamb avocados for sale

Why no avocados on your tree?

Managing alternate bearing in avocado trees

Old Reed avocado trees

How avocado trees flower

Avocados for sale

Sir-Prize avocado tree video profile

The story of one avocado tree that sprouted from a compost heap

Pinkerton avocado tree: a profile

Fuerte avocados for sale

Stewart avocado tree: a profile

Mexicola Grande (3-1-1) avocado tree: a profile

Planting avocados in poor soil

When to give up on an avocado tree

Avocado fruit drop: Why? When? How many?

Should you remove avocados from a small tree?

Overhead watering for evaporative cooling on avocado trees

The GEM avocado tree: a profile

What are the best avocado pollination conditions?

Edranol avocado: a profile

Tour of avocado variety collection in San Diego County

A feral avocado tree in Southern California

Mobile avocado pollenizer tree

Video presentation: Growing avocados: FAQs and your Qs

Avocado rootstocks: what do they matter?

Mayo / Covocado avocado: a profile

Zutano avocado: a profile

The Holiday avocado tree: a profile

Ettinger avocado: a profile

How to tell if an avocado is ripe

Avocado calendar 2021

Where to get avocado scion wood

Training young avocado trees

How far apart to plant avocado trees

The Hass avocado tree: a profile

How to harvest avocados

Will avocado fruitset in 2020 be like 1965?

Avocado variety profiles

The Fuerte avocado tree: a profile

The Bacon avocado tree: a profile

White powder on avocado branches

Avocado varieties for year-round harvest

Protecting avocado trees from heat

The Reed avocado tree: a profile

Reading avocado leaves

The Lamb/Hass avocado tree: a profile

Pruning avocado trees to keep them small

Should you buy a big or small avocado tree?

What kind of avocado tree do you get when you plant a seed?

Fertilizing avocado trees

Protecting avocado trees from cold

Where to buy an avocado tree

How to plant and stake an avocado tree

Who is eating holes in your avocado leaves?

How much and how often to water avocado trees in California

The quetzal and the wild avocado

What’s the best kind of avocado to grow?

Hand pollinating avocados

Where and how to buy good avocados

Pruning avocado trees

Avocado leaves turning brown? Here’s why and what to do

Growing avocados in Southern California

Avocados get sunburned — what to do?

My favorite way to eat a Reed avocado

How long until an avocado tree fruits?

When to pick avocados

Can you grow an avocado tree in a small yard?

Best resource for growing avocados

How to water a newly planted avocado tree

Heat tolerance of avocado varieties

Grafting avocados, the best how-to resource I know of

How the Fuerte avocado really got its name

Mexican avocados suck

Cross pollination of avocados, or why I planted a Hass next to a Fuerte

Eating seasons of my avocados

Growing sweet potato vines under avocado trees

Do you need two avocado trees to get fruit?

Do avocado trees need a lot of water?

Among some of the oldest avocado trees in California, at The Huntington

Citrus Trees:

Watering citrus trees in Southern California

Who’s eating your citrus leaves?

Shiranui, Pixie, Gold Nugget mandarin taste comparison

Shiranui mandarin tree: a profile

Grafting citrus rootstock suckers

Your favorite citrus

Satsuma vs. Kishu: comparing two early mandarins

Which kind of citrus tree do I have?

The Bearss lime tree: a profile

Saving the Parent Washington Navel orange tree

Reading citrus leaves

The Gold Nugget mandarin tree: a profile

Meet Frank Meyer, of the Meyer lemon

Why are my oranges splitting?

Dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard citrus trees: What are they, really?

When to pick oranges and tangerines

When and how to prune citrus trees

Orange blossom or lemon blossom?

The best fruit tree for kids, and the winner is . . . Kishu!

Valencia orange in full bloom

Don’t spray for citrus leafminers

Sunrise from inside an orange tree

Oranges and mandarins fresh off the tree almost all year

Deciduous Fruit Trees:

Where do fruit trees flower?

Snow Queen nectarine tree: a profile

How I open a pomegranate

Thank you, Floyd Zaiger

Grafting deciduous fruit trees in winter in Southern California

Dormant spray deciduous fruit trees?

Growing pluots in Southern California

Summer pruning deciduous fruit trees

Pinch to shape young fruit trees

Thinning fruit

Effects of a warm and wacky winter on deciduous fruit trees

Messages from your deciduous fruit trees after the chilly winter (2018-2019)

Where to cut a branch on a deciduous fruit tree

Think about sunshine when pruning deciduous fruit trees

Don’t cut off the fruiting wood: pruning lesson number one

Should you prune a bare-root fruit tree?

The Home Orchard: a book review

Oh, the mistakes I’ve made: Not thinning enough fruit from a plum tree

My best advice on pruning deciduous fruit trees: keep them small

Bare root season is here! The best time to buy and plant a deciduous fruit tree is now

Shoemaker Farm U-pick persimmons, Ramona

Don’t thin apricot fruit in order to increase fruit size

Apricot flowers becoming fruit

Winter grafts on deciduous fruit trees

Deciduous fruit through summer and fall

Berries, Vines, and other Fruiting Plants:

Blueberry grape variety: a profile

Growing small blackberry and raspberry bushes on stakes

Interplanting a strawberry patch

Growing raspberries in Southern California

Growing bananas in Southern California

Growing grapes on a chain link fence

Grapevine on eave to shade house

Propagating grapes with cuttings

Passion fruit: best edible, evergreen vine

California-grown mangos

Growing blueberries in Southern California

Growing coffee plants in Southern California

Coffee plant at San Diego’s Balboa Park


Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato in Southern California

Tomato skin cracking: why? how to prevent?

Why do onions flower?

Cut-and-come-again lettuce and greens

Four reasons to grow vegetables in winter in Southern California

Growing vegetables in raised boxes

Protecting vegetable sowings from birds

An extraordinary zucchini plant

Freezing tomatoes from the garden

Interplanting vegetables

Dealing with root knot nematodes in a vegetable garden

Installing drip irrigation for a vegetable garden

Growing cucumbers in Southern California

Comparing four mixes for starting vegetables seeds

Starting vegetable seeds: six keys to success

Cauliflower in colors

Spacing and interplanting for broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage

Comparing my compost with Recipe 420 for starting vegetable seeds

Vegetable planting chart for Southern California

Succeeding at tomatoes

Failing at tomatoes

Growing summer lettuce in Southern California

Easiest vegetables to grow from seed

Harvesting fruits and vegetables skillfully

The Mokum carrot

Experiment: comparing composts for vegetable seed starting

Early spring vegetable garden in Southern California: timings of sowings and plantings

I planted tomatoes too early

Can you start vegetable seeds in compost?

Controlling aphids on broccoli and cauliflower: an experiment with the kids

Sowing vegetable seeds in the ground in Southern California: Three keys to success

Fertilizing vegetables with compost: pros and cons

Growing peppers in Southern California

Comparing tomato supports: cage versus stake-and-string

Growing ‘Green Finger’ cucumbers

When to plant tomatoes in Southern California

How tall can dinosaur kale get?

Growing cilantro in Southern California

Charles Dowding

Handwatering vegetables

Tomato varieties for Southern California, 2019

Starting brassicas in summer

Don’t rush to plant warm-season vegetables in Southern California

Growing corn in Southern California

Volunteers show when to plant vegetables

Should you grow vegetables from seeds or plants?

Growing greens in Southern California

Growing peas in Southern California

Using wood chips as mulch for vegetables

Growing garlic in Southern California

Growing broccoli and cauliflower in Southern California

Growing vegetables under fruit trees

Which vegetables can I plant now in Southern California?

The best way to water a vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden in Southern California

Growing and harvesting lettuce in Southern California

Dealing with aphids on broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower

Which is the heirloom tomato?

Growing carrots in Southern California

Growing onions in Southern California

The best way to support tomato plants

The art of transplanting a vegetable seedling (in five steps)

Where to plant a vegetable garden

Oh, the mistakes I’ve made: planting vegetables at the wrong time

Whose flower is this?

Which vegetables can you plant now?

Glass Gem corn, and Happy Thanksgiving!

How I grow sweet potatoes

Adding soil and compost to seed-starting mixes

Harvesting tomatoes and broccoli at the same time?

Sow carrots now!

How long to run drip irrigation on vegetables

Don’t transplant carrot seedlings?

Fall is my favorite vegetable growing season in Southern California

You sure can grow long-day onions in Southern California

Let’s say this squash is supported

‘San Diego’ tomatoes, and supporting tomatoes

Green beans shade house

Growing potatoes in Southern California

The economics of homegrown broccoli


The economics of backyard chickens and eggs

Should you get chickens?

Chickens: my garden’s little helpers

Grocery store vs. backyard chicken egg

Chickens eat bugs in the garden


Kinking drip irrigation tubes to save time and water

Rain tank to driplines: a cheap and effective system

Watering fruit trees with drip irrigation

Getting more fruits and vegetables from less water (slideshow)

Five ways to get more fruits and vegetables from less water

Drip-irrigation bucket

The easiest automatic irrigation

Lowering a food garden’s water bill

Smart irrigation timers and automation

My watering schedules for vegetables and fruit trees


Using the evapotranspiration rate to water your garden better

Unirrigated fruits and vegetables in Southern California, summer 2019

Fall / Autumn watering of fruit trees and vegetables

Getting rainwater from a barrel to your plants

Drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation troubleshooting guide

How to water plants through a heat wave

Get your hands dirty: Discover the truth about your irrigation practices

What is the best time of day to water your plants?

A new year, a new rain tank, a new weather pattern

Sizing rain tank #2

Summer water reflections

The economics of my rain tank

Reusing laundry water

What to do with 500 gallons of rainwater?

Collecting rain from roofs

Does it pay to conserve water?


Where to get wood chips for mulch

Teaming with Microbes: a book review

Don’t dig in your garden

Simple composting

Fertile soil can be child’s play

My soil, in depth


Eliminating ants from potted plants

Green caterpillars on broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale

Fruit tree pests and diseases: I am not afraid

Earwigs, pillbugs, slugs, and snails: stopping their damage to your vegetables

Protecting vegetable sowings from birds

Dealing with root knot nematodes in a vegetable garden

Protecting vegetables and fruit trees from rabbits

What are root knot nematodes?

Dealing with squirrels in a food garden

Eating the rabbits that eat my garden

The best gopher trap: It’s a Cinch

Fourteen hornworms on one tomato plant

Hedgerow of native plants brings all kinds of benefits


The concentrated summer of 2023

The grayest May?

The accuracy of weather and climate forecasts

That string of storms

Effects of the cool, wet spring on our Southern California gardens

Santa Ana winds and your garden

Would you rather garden in the tropics?

Caring for your garden during a heat wave

Rain is coming! How do I garden?

The sucker frost

Rain makes dreams come true

Gardening benefits of a hot-summer climate

El Nino is not rain, and it doesn’t come to California

How to cope with a heat wave

Rain met drought, drought doesn’t care

July is a strange month to be thinking about rain, but . . .

What if we lived off rainfall alone

Rain is not sewage

The New Year’s 2015 freeze damage and its lessons

The New Year’s 2015 freeze


Native bee nesting blocks

Woolly blue curls: native plant that feeds bees

Monkey flower: native plant that feeds bees

Flowers for bees all year in Southern California

Coyote bush for bees in October

Bees on flowers in Southern California

Growing a Bee Garden

California Bees and Blooms: a book review

Oh, the mistakes I’ve made: Thinking flowers were for girls

Placenta trees:

Planting Reeve’s placenta tree

My boy and his placenta tree turn three

Miles and his placenta tree turn one, but one of them almost gets eaten by a gopher

Cass and his Fuerte turn two

Miles’s placenta tree

Cass and the placenta tree turn one


Common garden weeds in Southern California

Removing Bermuda grass

Easy weeding after first rain

How to outsmart garden weeds

Before killing it, name that weed


What to do in a Southern California food garden in January?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in February?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in March?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in April?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in May?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in June?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in July?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in August?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in September?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in October?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in November?

What to do in a Southern California food garden in December?


You are what you eat eats

Comparing roof materials for collecting rain

Dead spots in a yard

San Diego County Native Plants by James Lightner: a book review

My yard: 10 years of growing

Shovel don’t lie

Backyard farming: scaling up your garden

Spring happenings, 2023

Why diversify your food garden?

Carpinteria Community Garden

Night gardening

Highway 99

Monkey flowers

Woolly blue curls

UC Riverside seeks to deliver mRNA vaccines through lettuce

Mountain Meadow Mushrooms kit: grow your own

Ceanothus, wild lilac: the blue bushes on the hills

Keeping a corner wild

Winter in the food garden

Southern California food gardening calendar 2021

Fall is fast, until it’s slow

Growing sunflowers in Southern California

Should you get a wood chipper?

Realistic garden expectations

Growing fruits and vegetables for kids

Natives at the roadside, 2020 update

Taking notes on your garden

Southern California food gardening calendar for 2020

Garden pizzas

More photos; fewer words

Summer collection of Yard Posts, 2019

Who helped you grow your lunch?

Learning from the California Gardener of the Year

Master Gardeners, ready to help

Do you know the leaves in your garden?

Preparing a garden for a summer vacation

Food gardeners are . . . different

Reading my grandma’s 1961 Sunset Western Garden Book (My, how things have changed)

What is organic, actually?

Best books for food gardeners in Southern California

Gardening at the grocery store

Why I still grow food at home

How long does it take to grow a productive yard?

Gardening with kids

Davis Garden Show: best podcast for Southern California gardeners

Persimmon vs. tomato

Farmer to Farmer podcast

Cass’s first garden

Cactus among cedars

Just move!


Natives at the roadside

Saving water by applying urine as fertilizer

Applying urine as fertilizer

Your urine can be fertilizer

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