My first memory of eating fruit involves being at the pomegranate tree and my mom saying something about red juice stains all over my shirt. I don’t recall how I opened that fruit, but here is how I open pomegranates today for my kids.

First, score the peel in a circle about two inches below the top (the spiky flower end).

Then pop the top off by pulling on the flower end as a handle and prying into the score line with your fingertips.

Next, slice off the bottom (the stem end). Only slice about an inch off.

Here’s the bottom sliced off:

Now score the sides of the pomegranate from top to bottom along the white segment walls. There are usually around five of these segment walls.

Here’s the scoring as seen from the side:

You can now pull the segments apart fairly easily and cleanly.

All pulled apart, you’ll have five or so hunks of pomegranate to eat. You can peel off the segment walls as necessary.

I’m not about to tell you how to eat a pomegranate now. But if you grow your own, then I suspect it is similar to how we ate ours today: 

In the yard, right by the tree. A little messy, like a childhood is meant to be.

Quick video:

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