Early spring is a time of transition in the Southern California vegetable garden when cool-season crops are still growing and being harvested but warm-season crops are being sown and planted as well.

This video shows what my vegetable garden looks like here in early April: what is growing and being harvested; what has recently been sown and planted; and also, what will soon be planted from my stock of seedlings.

I think you’ll find some enjoyment in seeing what’s happening right now among my vegetables. I know that I always get something out of visiting other gardens.

Here again are the sowing and planting dates for each crop shown in the video:

Bed 1. Beets and Carrots (‘Bolero’) sown January 10

2. Peas sown January 10; Lettuce sown January 10, planted February 22 (not “sown” February 22)

3. Lettuce sown January 10, planted February 22; Collards sown October 5, 2020

4. Onions (‘Madalyn’) sown October 24, planted December 16

5. Carrots (‘Mokum’) sown February 3

6. Broccoli (‘Batavia’) sown September 17, planted November 1

7. Peppers planted May 9, 2020

8. Carrots sown February 14; Potatoes sown January 10

9. Tomatoes planted March 31; Strawberries permanent

10. Strawberries permanent

11. Onions (‘Red Rock’ and ‘White Castle’) sown September 30

12. Broccoli and cauliflower sown January 10, planted March 4

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