Wondering which kind of avocado tree to plant in your yard? It can be hard to find reliable, concrete information that will help you choose a variety.

So over the last few years I’ve written a number of posts and made some videos profiling different avocado varieties in order to get reliable, concrete information (if I do say so myself!) out there to help us make these purchase and planting decisions.

Here are links to all of the profile posts and videos in one place.

Complete profile posts

Detailed profiles of varieties of avocados, based on my own experience growing them along with observations of the varieties in other yards and farms:

“Pinkerton avocado tree: a profile”

“GEM avocado tree: a profile”

“Holiday avocado tree: a profile”

“Reed avocado tree: a profile”

“Lamb avocado tree: a profile”

“Fuerte avocado tree: a profile”

“Hass avocado tree: a profile”

“Bacon avocado tree: a profile”

Video profiles: trees

Reed avocado tree: a profile

Lamb/Hass avocado tree: a profile

Fuerte avocado tree: a profile

Hass avocado tree: a profile

Holiday avocado tree: a profile

Nabal avocado tree: a profile

Mexicola Grande (3-1-1) avocado tree: a profile

Stewart avocado tree: a profile

Video profiles: fruit

I’ve also made videos profiling just the avocado fruit.

Reed avocado: a profile

Lamb/Hass avocado: a profile

Fuerte avocado: a profile

Bacon avocado: a profile

Hass avocado: a profile

Stewart avocado: a profile

Sharwil avocado: a profile

GEM avocado: a profile

Gwen avocado: a profile

Sir-Prize avocado: a profile

Pinkerton avocado: a profile

Puebla avocado: a profile

Don Gillogly avocado: a profile

Nabal avocado: a profile

Mexicola avocado: a profile

Ettinger avocado: a profile

Zutano avocado: a profile

Mayo/Covocado avocado: a profile

Edranol avocado: a profile

Mexicola Grande (3-1-1) avocado: a profile

One more video to help you choose an avocado variety

There is so much more to a good avocado than flavor. In this video my goal was to help us think about the many characteristics that avocados can have such as seed size, skin pliability, and flesh fiber. Which combination of characteristics would make the best avocado for you?

Finally, don’t be overwhelmed with the options. If you only have room for one avocado tree, just plant a Hass. I’ve never met anyone who was dissatisfied about having a Hass tree in their yard. (See more on this topic in my post, “What’s the best kind of avocado to grow?” Also see, “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest”)

All of my avocado posts can be found HERE.

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