Rick Cadway hit the jackpot. In 2005, he planted a seed from a typical Hass avocado that he bought at Costco and it grew into a tree that makes world-class fruit.

This is not what usually happens. Usually, when you grow an avocado tree from a seed you get a tree that makes acceptable avocados, or junk avocados, or maybe good avocados. Very rarely do you get a tree that makes world-class avocados.

(See my post, “What kind of avocado tree do you get when you plant a seed?”)

Because of this, it took me a while to acknowledge the quality of Cadway avocados. It was in 2021 that I first visited Rick’s yard in San Diego and he shared the avocados from his new tree with me. Since then I have eaten dozens over the course of four seasons, including some from a tree that I now have grafted in my own yard.

I feel it is time to profile this new variety, starting with the fruit alone:

Cadway tree

But is the variety worth growing? For backyard growers or commercial growers? What’s the tree like?

A tree that makes good avocados is only a start. How many does it make? Does it produce consistently? Does it have cold or heat tolerance? Is it a fast or slow grower? Does it have a compact shape?

As mentioned in the video, the Cadway tree has a B-type flower. Other characteristics of the tree I’ll leave for a profile of the tree, coming soon.

And we have to remember that it’s early in this variety’s development. The Cadway avocado and tree may turn out to have fatal flaws. It’s certainly not perfect.

The lesson

For now, let’s celebrate the fact that Rick didn’t just trash that seed from the Costco Hass he ate 19 years ago.

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