I always wished there were a way to taste the fruit of an avocado variety before deciding whether to plant that kind of tree in my yard. I also wished there were more places to buy avocados of varieties other than Hass.

I know that some of you also have these wishes; this is my attempt to fulfill those wishes for you.

Variety schedule for year 2022

I will only be harvesting and selling each variety during the peak of its season, defined as the pinnacle of its eating quality. How do I know when that is? First, I’ve been eating these varieties from many trees in many locations for many years – and taking notes. I know each variety and what it is capable of tasting like.

Second, before putting a batch of a variety up for sale I do a pre-harvest taste test. Why be so meticulous about this? Because I want to give you a true sense of each variety’s character. I want you to be able to buy a box of, say, Gwen and eat them and then confidently decide if it’s a variety you love (and perhaps want to grow).

Below are the varieties that I have in mind for this year and the months in which I’ll likely harvest them:

February- Fuerte

MarchFuerte, Pinkerton

AprilSir-Prize, Carmen, GEM

May– Hass, GEM, Gwen

JulyReed, Lamb

AugustReed, Lamb

However, I reserve the right to add surprise harvests. If I get the itch to sell certain varieties of avocados from my own trees, I will. And I know many growers with other delicious varieties so if they are willing to share their bounty I will not deny you the opportunity to taste it.

I appreciate the suggestions you have made as to which additional varieties you’d be interested in trying. I’m searching for ways to get them for you. Keep the variety suggestions coming.


I’m in the experimental stage with this venture so please be tolerant of fluctuating prices – or more realistically, prices that inch up. I’m still figuring out where the price needs to be in order for the growers to be paid well, and for the marketing, harvesting, and shipping work to be worth my time. I’m looking for a price point that is as low as possible for you while also attracting me and the growers to want to continue doing this beyond 2022.


A couple weeks ago, after I had given my neighbor some Fuerte and then some Hass, she asked me what my secret was. “They are delicious and they’re all perfect inside. How do you do that?”

There’s no secret. You just have to harvest varieties at the right time of year, as I talked about above, and then not roll them around like rocks on conveyor belts, keep them for weeks in cold storage, truck them and boat them halfway around the globe, gas them with ethylene, and then dump them onto shelves at a grocery store so people can squeeze bruises into them. “Is this one ripe? Is that one ripe? Is that one ripe?”

Almost every single avocado you pick off a tree in your own yard will be perfect just because it hasn’t gone through the ordeal that a typical commercial avocado goes through. And if I do my job right, then the avocados that I pick for you experience almost none of those challenges either.


I hadn’t known what the demand for these avocados would be like when I put that first batch of Fuertes up for sale back in February. I still don’t, but I do know that it is bigger than I can currently satisfy.

I’m sorry to those of you who have been trying to order but finding things sold out. I’m trying to improve this situation in three ways. One, I’m looking for (and growing) more avocados.

Two, make sure you sign up to receive my Friday email because that is where I announce the avocado sales.

Three, share a few bucks with me to support my general work here at The Yard Posts and get added to my Supporters list. I make all sales of avocados (and other items) available to Supporters before putting them on general sale. More about supporting options here.

You probably already know this, but let me say it explicitly: I’m having a ton of fun with this. Well, printing shipping labels isn’t a blast, nor is navigating the crowded freeways of the Southland to make harvests. But I’ve been obsessed with avocado varieties for many years now, and bringing some to your doorstep is deeply gratifying. It feels like fulfillment. Thank you.

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