When you see comparisons between avocado varieties, you see the taste discussed, the size of the tree and fruit, whether it’s an A or B flower type, and how sensitive to cold a particular variety is. Less often do you hear about a variety’s sensitivity to heat.

Having just gone through a record-setting heat wave — a zenith of 109.8 degrees on June 20 — my many varieties showed a spectrum of responses to the intense temperatures.


Hass fears 109 degrees.



Reed takes the heat.


The most sensitive varieties to that heat were the Hass and Fuerte, whose new leaves shriveled like plastic held to fire. In the middle were the varieties of Sir-Prize and Sharwil, which had blackening and curling on some new leaves. And the toughest were the Pinkerton, Lamb, and Reed. They showed nearly zero evidence of having been uncomfortable under such a terribly strong sun.

Keep in mind, however, that how well any variety of avocado will do under high temperatures is partially dependent on how well-watered the tree is, in addition to how healthy its root system is overall.



The all-time record-setting heat wave of July 6 and 7, 2018 has confirmed most of the above observations from 2017 but changed one. Once again, the Reed variety came through with the least damage, closely followed by Lamb. Hass had moderate damage, Fuerte had moderate damage, as did Sharwil and Holiday. Pinkerton, however, didn’t do well in the 113 degrees we experienced.

See the trees here:


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