Can you mulch avocado trees too much? I’m sure you can, but I’ve never seen such a thing. And I’ve seen trees surrounded by deeeeeeep wood chips, like these on John Schoustra’s farm in Somis, Ventura County:

The evidence of the beautiful leaves and abundant bloom on these trees speaks for itself as to whether the trees are mulched too heavily, but I should add that John does not fertilize them in any way. He’s never added fertilizer. He keeps the wood-chip mulch thick, that’s it.

But he does also encourage plants to add to the life in the soil and the beneficial insects above ground. Some of these plants are considered weeds by others. John says, “We like Hairy Vetch, Sweet Clover, Telegraph Weed, Lupine and even mustard.”

John and his wife Cynthia grow avocados adjacent to their Greenwood Daylily Gardens.

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