In the spring of 2023, many avocado trees throughout California had a superbloom. During that period I watched the avocados on trees with lots of flowers mature rapidly alongside the emerging flowers and even start dropping to the ground in some cases. For example, see my post and videos of these GEM avocado trees doing so.

(The photo above is a Gwen tree having a superbloom in the spring of 2023.)

Here in the winter of 2023-2024, I’ve been seeing some avocado trees again starting a heavy bloom (although mostly not as heavy, or “super,” as spring of 2023). My Pinkerton tree is currently starting a heavy bloom.

See what’s happening with my Pinkerton tree and its fruit in this video:

If you have a tree that is making a lot of flowers while it is also carrying some fruit (this usually happens in the late winter or spring), you might find that those maturing avocados are ready to pick a bit earlier than in years when the tree is making few flowers. Test it out.

See more about how avocado trees flower in my post here.

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