Here I’ve selected just over a dozen posts on topics relevant to summer food gardening in Southern California. These are the posts that I reread this time of year. Enjoy!


The best way to water a vegetable garden

How much to water a fruit tree in Southern California, roughly

How much and how often to water avocado trees in California

Flower stalk emerging on banana plant, summer 2019. Summer is when bananas seemingly unfurl a new leaf every day.


Which vegetables can I plant now in Southern California?

Growing corn in Southern California

Growing bananas in Southern California

Growing broccoli and cauliflower in Southern California

A possum in my peach tree. I leave possums be.


Protecting fruit from birds

Dealing with squirrels in a food garden

Galaxy peach, my favorite fruit from the yard so far this summer.


Preparing a garden for a summer vacation

Caring for your garden during a heat wave

Summer pruning deciduous fruit trees

Avocado trees get sunburned — What to do?

Surprising myself this summer by still getting sweet romaine lettuce through July, with help from mild weather, afternoon sprinkling, and shade cloth as necessary.


What to do in a Southern California garden in July

What to do in a Southern California garden in August

What to do in a Southern California garden in September

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