Even though I refer to my notes from past seasons for precise planting times, for a glance at which vegetables I can plant at any given time I always go to Vince Lazaneo’s “Vegetable Planting Guide.” Vince is a retired farm advisor for San Diego County with the University of California Cooperative Extension and he supervised my Master Gardener training class. He has been growing vegetables in Southern California for longer than I’ve been alive. His guide is to the point at only four pages, but below is the most important page in case you’re in a rush.

Are you “coastal” or “inland”? Consider yourself coastal if you are less than two miles from the ocean. Consider yourself inland if you are more than two miles from the ocean. If you are right around two miles from the beach, maybe in Oceanside or Costa Mesa or Torrance, then think about your elevation: if it’s over 200 feet, then consider yourself inland.


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