More times than I’d like to admit, I’ve cut open avocados too early or let them ripen on the counter too long. My wife loves to make fun of me for this. I’m particularly prone to doing it with varieties that take forever to ripen, like Pinkerton, or with varieties that have shell-like skin, such as Nabal.

The toothpick test is the single best method I know to help avoid this. And it can even help with store-bought Hass, which sometimes turn confusing colors because of the cold storage and gas ripening that such avocados go through.

Here’s a video showing the toothpick test and a couple other tips:

Let’s never waste another avocado!

On a similar note, you might like some tips as to when to pick avocados from a tree. That is, how can we tell when avocados are mature? This post gives some guidance on that, whether or not you know the variety you’re dealing with: “When to pick avocados.”

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