I crack up whenever I think of this comment someone made to my wife: “I really like your husband’s blog, except there are so many words.”

Maybe not this week? Here are ten photos that capture aspects of this past summer, with captions that I’ve trimmed and trimmed.

First, the photo above: It’s easy to start an asparagus patch, but have you ever tried stopping one? Even though I no longer water it, mine refuses to die.

We had two grapevines fruit for the first time this summer, both of which were delicious. This one is called Princess. And down below is Flame.

In the past, I’d always removed fruit or pruned when a branch on an avocado tree set too much, but I’m hungry this year — after losing hundreds of avocados in last summer’s record heat wave — so now I’m trying to keep every last fruit on this Reed avocado tree by propping branches. Will I pay for my greed?

My daughter is learning to talk, and one of her first words has been “pluot.” She is addicted. Here she is eating a Flavor King.

(Her brothers painted her face.)

Below is the tree from which she picked the pluot.

The tree is holding its fruit surprisingly late. I’m guessing she’ll still be enjoying a few into October.

Pomegranates are pretty.

I took a picture of this watermelon and my camera read the design on its rind as a QR code.

I did more grafting than usual back in the spring, and some have grown out well this summer. Here is an avocado graft that I enjoy looking at because it formed a most perfect union.

C is for?

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