Protecting fruit from birds

Up until this summer I’d always shared with the birds. Their pecking the first ripe apricots was like a beacon showing me it was time to start picking. I almost appreciated it. And then they ate some nectarines and we ate some nectarines; there was plenty of...

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Growing bananas in Southern California

Among the first words out of my two year-old son’s mouth every morning are, “Can I have a banana?” He’ll eat five a day if allowed. So I’m hearing the call to get better about growing them in the yard. Here in Southern California? Can they really produce?   Good...

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Food gardeners are . . . different

I took this picture of a banana peel and an orange rind because they made me realize how weird I am, how weird we are as food gardeners. The banana peel and orange rind were lying on the floor mat of my truck; I was taking them home with me. There was a trash can in...

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Where to buy an avocado tree

Looking to plant the common Hass variety of avocado in your yard? Looking for the less common Reed? Searching for where to buy a rarely grown avocado variety like Nabal or Jan Boyce? Let me try to connect you with the grower or seller of the avocado variety of your...

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Caring for your garden during a heat wave

That last one was a scorcher!  In Santa Ana, it set an all-time record at 114. In Riverside, it got up to 118. Ojai hit 110. In the shade of my front porch in Ramona, San Diego County, it reached 113. July 6-8, 2018 was a spell for history. It was so hot that it...

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Custom signs for fruit trees

While I may know the names of all of the fruit trees in my yard, my wife and children don't, and friends and family who visit certainly don't. So I started drawing the names of my trees on pieces of wood that I then stuck into the ground with metal stakes. They looked...

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I'm Greg. My goal is to help others grow some food at home, with a focus on vegetables and fruits -- especially avocados -- in Southern California. I write a new "Yard Post" every Friday.

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Get cool signs for fruit trees

Tree sign for Gwen avocado