Growing carrots in Southern California

I gave up growing carrots for a few years. I was failing at them; I got discouraged and quit. I first got back in the game because I was wearing the title "Master Gardener" and felt ashamed to do so while being incapable of something so fundamental. And then the way I...

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The Home Orchard: a book review

Chuck Ingels is one of the main authors and technical editors of The Home Orchard, the best book available on growing deciduous fruit and nut trees for home gardeners in California, and at last week’s Master Gardener conference in Long Beach I attended a presentation...

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Why I still grow food at home

Sometimes gardening feels like a leisure activity, but sometimes it feels like work: weeds, aphids, gophers, heat waves. At which times I think, Why not just buy all my food at the grocery store? It’s so convenient. You show up anytime and choose from all sorts of...

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Which is the heirloom tomato?

Are heirloom tomatoes big or small? Are they red or orange or yellow? Are they wrinkly? Are they meaty? What do they taste like? What the heck does heirloom mean? Of course, heirloom has nothing to do with size or color or rugosity or taste. It has most to do with...

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The best gopher trap: it’s a Cinch

In my yard, the most damaging, relentless, and challenging pest to control has been gophers. Birds peck plums and squirrels may steal plums, but a gopher will kill a plum tree. While I haven’t lost any plum trees to gophers, I’ve lost other fruit trees and innumerable...

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How to water plants through a heat wave

Heat waves make me a worried gardener. What can I do to help my plants? Should I water again? How much? This summer of 2017 has started off with a blast of multiple heat waves for Southern California's valleys (the beach has been spared by the presence of a marine...

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I'm Greg. My goal is to help people grow food at home, with a focus on fruits and vegetables in Southern California. I write a new post every Friday morning.

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