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GEM avocados harvested by me at Balmar Farm in Fallbrook and shipped to you. I’ll pack 8-10 into a box, as many as I can. Every avocado in the box should ripen perfectly or I’ll send you another box.

Shipping is on Monday, May 16, arriving to you by the end of that week. Shipping included in price for all California locations. Outside of CA (but within U.S.) is $5 extra.

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GEM is a cream-of-the-crop avocado that was selected within the University of California avocado breeding program and named in honor of Gray E. Martin, who worked in the program for many years.

The avocado is slightly larger and rounder than Hass on average, and with a slightly larger and pointier seed. The skin of GEM is a bit thicker than Hass, and it has a shimmering speckle to it when unripe. As the fruit ripens, it turns black. The texture and flavor of GEM are world class. It is one of my favorite eating avocados, with a meaty texture and a nutty flavor, and it reaches this level each year in Southern California around mid April through May, and even into June.

To learn more about the GEM avocado variety, see my post, “The GEM avocado tree: a profile.”


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