I’m always trying to make watering vegetables and fruit trees more turnkey. I don’t want to have to solve math equations every time I water in order to water within the range of effective and efficient, but I also don’t want to be shooting in the dark each time I turn on the sprinklers.

Here I’ve gathered together the most useful rules of thumb, watering volume and frequency examples, and quantity conversions for vegetable and fruit tree growers in Southern California.

I have printed this “Watering Cheat Sheet” and tacked it onto my wall so that I can glance at it before I, say, give the potted mint plant a drink. You might like to print one for yourself.

Also, I’ll be including it in my gardening calendar for 2022 so if you plan to order that you’ll automatically get a copy.

CLICK HERE for a PDF file of the Watering Cheat Sheet that you can freely save to your phone or computer or print.

*Note that “ET” means evapotranspiration, which is the amount of water a plant uses (oversimplified definition). Learn more about ET in my post, “Using the evapotranspiration rate to water your garden better.”

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