Summer is on its last legs, I’ve bought my seeds for fall vegetables, but before we start talking about the next season let’s look back and update some stories about the remarkable past winter and passing summer.

Click the title links below and you’ll find that at the end of each of the posts I’ve added observations and conclusions from the vantage point of now, late August.


Effects of a warm and wacky winter on deciduous fruit trees

(Summary: reduced fruit quality; low fruit set; and late harvests.)


Caring for your garden during a heat wave

(Summary: effects of the early July extreme heat continue to reveal themselves incrementally; some fruit trees have recently flowered as a response to the stress; the time has come to cut out some dead wood on fruit trees; be prepared mentally for some trees to produce poor crops next year because of this year’s damage.)


Avocado trees get sunburned — What to do?

(Summary:┬áthe California Avocado Commission published an excellent article titled, “Avocado Heat Damage Follow-up”; I filmed a brief video on what to prune and what not to prune.)

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