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Some gardening books I love, and tools that I use.



California Master Gardener Handbook, edited by Dennis Pittenger.

(See my review.)

Sunset Western Garden Book

(See my review.)

The Home Orchard, edited by Chuck Ingels.

(See my review.)

Teaming with Microbes, by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis.

(See my review.)

California Bees and Blooms, by Frankie, Thorp, Coville, and Ertter.

(See my review.)

Tools, etc.

Micro-sprinkler for fruit trees

(Why it’s my favorite.)

Cinch trap for gophers

(Why it’s the best.)

Garden knife

Useful for weeding, to set a Cinch trap, to check soil moisture, etc.

sign for fruit tree
Custom signs for fruit trees

(The story behind these special signs.)

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