The new calendar is ready! See the order page here.

What is this calendar? It helps Southern California food gardeners by listing for each month which vegetables to plant, how to care for different kinds of fruit trees, and guidance on watering.

It’s based on my personal experience and shows photos that I’ve taken in my own yard and elsewhere.

In addition to monthly pages, it includes a Watering Cheat Sheet and a Vegetable Planting Chart for the whole year.

A few tweaks I’ve made from last year’s calendar are bolder dates for easier reading and some extra tidbits of information. Thanks to those of you who made suggestions on how the calendar could be improved.

(At this time, I don’t intend to make an avocado calendar for 2023 because I’m working to create a more comprehensive guide for avocado growers and enthusiasts.)

Check out sample pages and details about ordering HERE

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