WP_20160210_10_50_15_Pro WP_20160210_10_51_01_Pro This is the last avocado from Mexico that I will ever buy. This is one too many rotten Mexican avocados that I have bought over the years, and I’m vowing to myself that I will never pay another dollar for one of these carelessly harvested and handled pieces of fruit.

Whether the problem is with the harvesting, refrigeration, transportation, or retail stocking, I don’t care. And even though deaf California farmers refuse to grow anything but Hass such that our only choice in stores is this junk Mexican fruit (we should be able to buy good Fuerte, Pinkerton, and more from California growers here in February), I would rather go without avocados than pay another dime for this spoiled stuff.

I can make it: My Reed and Lamb fruit will be ready in summer, and from then on I should never be without good avocados on at least one of my other trees.

I feel bad, however, for those without avocado trees in their yard. They’re at the mercy of an industry that does them no favors.